CIMPROComputer Integrated Manufacturing for Process (Datalogix)
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The more than 20 components that make up CIMPRO V help manufacturers optimize formulas, manage inventory, control and improve quality, schedule production, improve costs and procure products.
CIMPRO helps small and mid-sized process manufacturers integrate information among the plant floor, the office and other locations.
Third-party systems currently running in the DEC VAX/VMS environment include verions of ASK Computer Systems' MAN-MAN, Datalogix' CIMPRO, and Ross Systems' PROMIX process-oriented manufacturing resources planning (MRP II) systems; Intellution's FIX DMACS, Control Systems International's (CSI's) VXL, and Setpoint's SETCIM/SETCON Supervisory control software; CHAMPS' maintenance software; and Numetrix' Schedulex.