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CINCincinnati (Ohio)
CINCervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
CINComputers, Informatics, Nursing (journal)
CINChildren in Need (UK charity established by the BBC)
CINCatholic Information Network
CINCinergy Corp.
CINConvective Inhibition (Meteorology)
CINComputers In Nursing (journal)
CINCountry India (Sap version)
cinC++ Input
CINCustomer Identification Number
CINChemical Industry Notes
CINConservation Information Network
CINConsumer Information Network
CINChronic Interstitial Nephritis (Leptospirosis)
CINCentre d'Instruction Naval de Brest (French: Brest Naval Training Center; French Navy)
CINChristian Information Network
CINCentre d'Initiation à la Nature (French nature center)
CINControl Indicator
CINCarte d'Invalidité (French: Disability Map; human rights)
CINChart Information Network (UK music industry)
CINCourse Identification Number (Navy Designation)
CINCatalogue Item Notification
CINCaribbean International Network (New York, NY TV channel)
CINCook Islands National Party
CINCervical Intraepitelial Neoplasia
CINCargo Increment Number
CINCollège Intermutualiste National (Belgian insurance association)
CINcontent identifier number (US Postal Service)
CINComposite Intermodulation Noise
CINCrisis Intervention Network
CINCanberra Injectors Network (CBO, ACT, Australia)
CINCruise Industry News
CINCitizen Identification Number
CINComputer Information Network
CINChange Identification Number
CINCenter Information Network (NASA)
CINCentre d'Impression Numérique (French: Digital Print Center)
CINColorado Information Network
CINCampus Identification Number
CINChester Information Network (UK website)
CINCervical Intraepithelial Neoplasm/Neoplasia
CINConsumer Identification Number
CINCircumcision Information Network CompuBulletin
CINCrossbar Interconnection Network
CINCustoms Identification Number
CINCombat Intelligence Network
CINChange Incorporation Notice
CINComponent/Course Identification Number
CINComsite Interactive Network
CINCommander's Information Network
CINCircuit Identification Number
CINCisco Interaction Network
CINCertificat d'Initiation Nautique (French: Nautical Initiation Certificate)
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Mechanism of Action of ACE-I/ARB and Possible Mechanisms for Benefit or Harm in CIN
In another study conducted on 300 patients in KPK by Tanveer S, the rates of CIN were higher than our study.
2 Brinton et al found that low education low income previous abnormal Pap smears genital warts and a history of hysterectomy were important risk factors for VAIN and vaginal cancer; other risk factors included a current or past history of CIN immunosuppression previous radiotherapy and exposure to diethylstilbestrol.
Endothelial lesions of CIN II and CIN III were confirmed in 16% and 14%, respectively.
Screening, women after hysterectomy: Women who have had hysterectomy with removal of the cervix who have no history of CIN 2+ should not be screened.
However, the finding that women destined to undergo treatment of CIN had a higher rate of preterm delivery before that treatment is surprising.
The [chi square]-test was employed to compare the antibacterial activities of CIN, CLV and CMN, based on the bacterial growth (in terms of CFU/ml) at different concentrations and at different time intervals.
If endocervical margin is positive for CIN, followup with cytology using Cytobrush or endocervical curettage is required.
To identify independent characteristics associated with CIN, multivariable logistic regression analysis was used through SPSS version 15.