CinCLANTCommander-In-Chief, US Atlantic Fleet (US Navy)
CinCLANTCommander in Chief, Atlantic Command
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The CNO remained at the Pentagon until 11:25 PM, finalizing a message to CINCLANT Admiral Dennison, for approval by the Secretary of Defense (the Secretary of State had approved the message previously).
We're all clear about how we handle it?" JCS Chairman General Taylor offered, "Shoot the rudders off of them, don't you?" McNamara added that he would like to hold off issuing more-specific instructions to CINCLANT Admiral Dennison until the morning.
(69) Following the meeting in Intelligence Plot, the CNO returned to Flag Plot and relayed McNamara's orders to CINCLANT Admiral Dennison, determining which Navy ships would intercept Kimovsk, Gagarin, and Poltava.
During a review by the Joint Chiefs of the CINCLANT plan on October 23, Vessey drew a tactical boundary dividing Grenada into northern (Marine) and southern (Army) sectors.
Enlarged and given a new mission, the Atlantic Command became ACOM, commanded by CINCLANT. Events in Haiti would quickly test its operational competence.