CINCLANTFLTCommander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
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CNO is the Chief of Naval Operations; CINCCENT is Commander in Chief, Central Command; CINCLANTFLT (since renamed) was Commander in Chief, U.S.
Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) to see if I could report aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) in three days for Joint Training Fleet Exercise (JTFEx) 01-02 as a member of the SOOT.
Briefings will include an overview (JFCOM/J2), ITAMDO attack operations, Air Force/Navy Warfighter Talks ([AC.sup.2]ISR and CINCLANTFLT), the TCT system of systems (OUSD AT&L), the Precision Engagement Task Force (Joint Staff/J8), the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), a DIA/J2 Targeting Update (joint Staff/J2), "Millenium Challenge 02" (JFCOM), network-centric targeting (OUSD AT&L), a National Security Agency perspective (NSA), and Kosovo Opera tions (Lt Gee Mike Short, USAF [ret.]) As one can see, this is a not-to-be-missed conference for those engaged in ISR/TCT activities.
After returning to the Saratoga, we sent off an immediate message to CINCLANTFLT and said, "Hey, we can't take Airwing Three, which is configured with the -45/50s into combat, because the interference makes them unusable."
His other assignments have included assistant navigator in USS John E Kennedy (CV 67); administrative and maintenance officer with the "Red Rippers" of VF-11 in USS Forrestal (CV 59); as deputy director for program planning with CINCLANTFLT staff; and executive officer "Swordsmen" of VF-32 in USS John E Kennedy (CV 67).