CINCPACCommander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet (US Navy)
CINCPACCommander in Chief, Pacific Command
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Letter from Norman Hannah, CINCPAC to Marshall Green, Secret
Embassy in Tehran on May 14 (addressed to the State Department and CINCPAC Hawaii, among others) titled "Chinese Embassy Tehran believes Mayaguez to be freed soon" provided evidence that the Chinese were pressuring the Khmer Rouge to release the vessel and crew.
It was during this time that the NMCC had directed CINCPAC, Admiral Noel Gayler, to launch the previously mentioned P-3 reconnaissance aircraft in an effort to locate the container ship and its crew.
(and unwilling to leave the CINCPAC position vacant for very long),
Indeed, the war was a conglomeration of internal battles: over GAS and rotary-wing aircraft among the Air Force, Army and Marines; over strategy, target selection, and overall priorities among Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), Commander in Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC), and the White House; over operational and tactical control between Strategic Air Command (SAC) and Tactical Air Command (TAC) (manifested as a running duel between Seventh Air Force in-theater, charged with prosecuting the air war, and Eighth Air Force in Guam, which exercised control over the B-52s through Headquarters SAC at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, with no control by Seventh Air Force); and over "strike" between the USAF and the Navy.
Joe Prueher, former CINCPAC, Clinton's Ambassador to Beijing following Sasser.
In Vietnam, Admiral Dennis Blair, then Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Command (CINCPAC), was forced to cancel at the last minute an already scheduled trip to Hanoi because Vietnamese officials said they were "too busy" to receive him, suggesting an internal lack of consensus about normalizing relations with the United States.
Does it bother you we've ghost-written several op-eds, including former CINCPAC Archie Clemins will have one in Navy Times, and maybe in Air Force Times, and both get early--an early bird when published?
Memorandum From the Commander in Chief, Pacific (Felt) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff CINCPAC, Honolulu, May 11, 1963.
In February 1943 Rear Admiral Lockwood learned that his superior officer in CINCPAC Headquarters at Pearl Harbor had been killed in an aircraft accident and he was to succeed him and be promoted vice admiral.
What effect does an already strong military presence in Hawaii, including CINCPAC here on Oahu and the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, have on the development of dual-use technology here?