CINCPACFLTCommander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet
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The CINCPACFLT Force Protection Conference has become the largest Navy venue for security and protection professionals to gather and discuss varied issues involving anti-terrorism and force protection programs.
His staff assignments have included tours as a Management Analyst on CINCPACFLT DET 420 staff, Supply Officer at SUBASE DET 220, Command Evaluator at REDCOM 22, Operations Officer on the CINCPACFLT Cost Management Team, and Deputy Commander for Fleet Support, Naval Supply Systems Command.
Efficiency "E" and CINCPACFLT Golden Anchor Award for 1995.
During my tour at CINCPACFLT, we were faced with the potential of supporting six different op areas across the Pacific theater.
I have told CINCPACFLT and CINCPACAF [Commanders in Chief, Pacific Fleet and Pacific Air Forces] to caution their people that we want no belligerent statements from anyone at this juncture and that they should caution their people to remain quiet.
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Finley CINCPACFLT Justin Jensey Francis USS DE WERT FFG 45 John C.
officers at CINCLANFLT and CINCPACFLT as well as type commander staffs,