CINCSClimate Investment Network for Carbon Sequestration
CINCSCoalition for International Carbon Sequestration
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The evidentiary proof to establish that the holder of an unblocked CINC was a Pakistani national, could be family record from revenue department, land record before 1978, domicile, education certificate, passport, national identity card, weapon or driving licence and service record of his or his family members, he added.
This persistent expression of the CINC family suggests that chemokines are important in neutrophil inflammation in lung exposed to nanoparticles.
CinCs came into being in 1958 as part of protracted efforts to overcome the service rivalries that had contributed to being surprised at Pearl Harbor.
Until last year, the Defense Department referred to these generals and admirals as "commanders in chief," or "cincs," pronounced like the kitchen fixture.
His memo also forbids use of the acronym "CINC" (pronounced "sink") with titles for military officers.
After a few chapters, Priest seems to forget the plan of using the CinCs as narrative vehicles for her account of the modern military.
The CINCs, Service components, JTF commanders, JTF components, logistics and supporting units all share the COP, which the GCCS Track Database Manager (TDBM) maintains.
Maintains oversight of the Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) Program and serves as a primary point of contact regarding DOD's capability to meet the geographic CINC's JLOTS requirements.
In the case of Africa, the potential of a CINC to influence regional affairs is diffused because responsibility is divided between three of the five regional unified commands--U.S.
The program is directly managed by the geographical CINCs and contributes to unit and individual readiness by providing unique in-country training opportunities for our military forces that cannot be duplicated in the United States.
During the six-month ASAP program they underwent an intensive, sometimes grueling, course of study to prepare them to be strategic planners for the specified and unified commanders, the warfighting CINCs. In many respects the program is similar in its intensity to the second-year programs at Leavenworth, Quantico, and Maxwell.