CINCSACCommander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
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At 4:30 pm on October 16, General Taylor summarized the first ExComm meeting to the Joint Chiefs and select subordinates, including General Power (CINCSAC); General Walter Sweeney, Commander, Tactical Air Command; and Admiral Robert L.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff alerted both CINCPAC and CINCSAC that the operations could be extended beyond the three-day limit.
CINCSAC General LeMay, although he harbored serious misgivings, chose forward basing and in-flight refueling to solve the problem.
Although not enamored of Remotely Piloted Aircraft, had former CINCSAC and manned bomber proponent Curtis E.
(41.) CINCSAC Message to CG, 7th Air Division, South Ruislip, England.
Gates directed that the CINCSAC would serve as Director, JSTPS with a Vice Admiral as Deputy Director.