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CINEMAColour Interactive Editor for Multiple Alignments
CINEMAColour Interactive Editor for Multiple Alignments (software)
CINEMACatholic Initiative for Enlightened Movie Appreciation (Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines)
CINEMAColumbia Internet Extensible Multimedia Architecture
CINEMAConfigurable Integrated Multimedia Architecture (University of Stuttgart)
CINEMACommerce, Internet, and Electronic Mail Access Services
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Our on going vertical expansion in the cinematic industry across the Middle East is paralleled by our vision of transcending the characteristic qualities of entertainment, and complimenting it by our abilities to facilitate all around services tailored to the likes of all moviegoers in the region, making Grand Festival Cinemas the ultimate destination for all movie loversC[yen], said Jean Ramia, Group Operations Director, Gulf Films.
The first public showing as part of this international field trial will start Saturday, October 22, 2005, when "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" opens commercially in Japan, with a digital release at "4K Pure Cinema" quality in multiple Toho cinemas in the Osaka and Tokyo regions.
While New Arab Cinema is mainly informed by current social, political and cultural developments that have taken place over the last two decades in the "Middle East," it is equally augmented by persistent ideological and intellectual anxieties that have dominated the Arab world since the early 1800s.
Canadian Cinema, May/June 1985), Bart Testa accurately notes that "The Cinema We Need" was intended as both a self-critique and a proposal for the films Elder would like to but was up till then unable to make: not a precis of past activity but a foreshadowing of things to come.
This is the infrastructure cinemas will need to take full advantage of the promise and potential of digital cinema.
The cavernous, highly decorated auditorium that was the standard cinema form for more than 50 years is now virtually obsolete.
Yet despite such serious, widespread problems Ukadike believes that "black African cinema has attained aesthetic and artistic maturity" and that African filmmakers now use Western techniques "to forge their own cinematic language and style" (4).
Thus, prior to 1970, the impact of the industrial--film genre is critical to an understanding of Canadian cinema.
The cinema is conceived as a free-standing box with the corners bevelled off, but its blind bulk has been transformed into an ethereal, translucent volume of great lightness and surprising delicacy by van Velsen's ingenious handling of the elevations.
But if there are several definitions of independent cinema, we can generally agree in Canada as well as in Quebec that an independent film is one in which the director controls the creation absolutely and the production as much as possible.
The scheme was developed by O'Neil Theatres, an independent multiplex cinema operator aimed at the budget, 'second-run' market in the south-east states.
LOS ANGELES -- The domino effect is in motion as more and more theaters adopt digital cinema reports industry expert, co-founder and CEO of Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.