CINICChina Internet Network Information Center
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* Bluestar Silicones * Celanese * Chemours * Cinic Chemicals America * Evonik * Excalibar Minerals * * Hoover Coior Corp.
Encontramos, ademas, que las fases exploracion (CEXPL) e integracion (CINTE) recogen un mayor numero de relaciones respecto a las fases iniciacion (CINIC) y resolucion (CRES).
In 2009, when they first began collecting this usage data, CINIC estimated that just 338 million people on the mainland used Internet and 320 million of them did so via a mobile device.
The number of Internet users in China rose 10.9 per cent year on year to 538 million by the end of June, meaning that four out of ten Chinese access the Internet, the CINIC report said.
(3) James Adams was also very critical of Johnson, whom he called "the Cinic Scotomastic" (1799: 150) in his Vindication of the Scottish Dialect, where he recommended a list of Scots lexical items for adoption into English (Dossena 2005: 85-90), and attributed their semantic richness to the fact that Scots preserved "the Saxon original in spite of the attempts of the Norman invaders and tyrants" (1799: 148).
According to the statistics provided by the CINIC (China Internet Network Information Centre, 2009), China tops the world in Internet users.
The cushion, known as the Physiomaster, is the brainchild of Jill Parker, commercial physiotherapy manager at the Apley Cinic, Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, after she had watched a demonstration featuring a device designed to reduce the risk of DVT.
He is in a rehabilitation cinic five days a week, he can walk and he is doing all the necessary exercises.
Growth since has been exponential; at the end of June 2000, there were 16.9 million Internet subscribers and 27,289 websites in China (CINIC, 2000; Reuters, 2000, July 28).
Principals: Chemours, Lubrizol, Evonik, Galata Chemicals, Celanese Emulsion Polymer, US Polymer-Accurez, Imerys Talc America, Ashland, Inc., CINIC, Sensient