CINMSChannel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (Southern California)
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Investigating the interaction of PCBs with p,p '-DDE is especially relevant to the CINMS sea lions whose increased body burdens of DDTs were correlated with prenatal mortality events (DeLong et al.
Hence, the total concentration of the complex contaminant mixture spans the range found in CINMS sea lions over a 30-year period and likely includes current concentrations found with the most susceptible population, that is, offspring of first-time pregnant animals, which are reported to have nearly a 10-fold higher concentration of DDTs and PCBs (Gilmartin et at.
PCBs are the most abundant co-contaminant with DDE in the sea lions of the CINMS. Originally identified to occur in both pregnant females and fetuses, the higher concentrations of both PCBs and DDTs found in females with aborted fetuses during a 1970 mortality event suggested the potential for an interactive effect (DeLong et al.
In response, SAC forwarded all materials developed by MRWG and its two panels to the CINMS manager (management).
In 2001 CINMS and CDFG developed a preferred alternative based on the work of the MRWG and advisory panels and presented this to the CFGC (California Department of Fish and Game, 2006:64).