CINMSChannel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (Southern California)
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Hence, the total concentration of the complex contaminant mixture spans the range found in CINMS sea lions over a 30-year period and likely includes current concentrations found with the most susceptible population, that is, offspring of first-time pregnant animals, which are reported to have nearly a 10-fold higher concentration of DDTs and PCBs (Gilmartin et at.
PCBs are the most abundant co-contaminant with DDE in the sea lions of the CINMS.
In 2001 CINMS and CDFG developed a preferred alternative based on the work of the MRWG and advisory panels and presented this to the CFGC (California Department of Fish and Game, 2006:64).
Phase II which concerns CINMS waters under Federal jurisdiction still continues.
Nussman said the CINMS panel did not include equipment expenditures - including the purchase of boats, tackle and accessories - in its report.