CINNChicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch
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The artificial disc is expected to help more than 400,000 Americans who suffer from degenerative, disc disease, says CINN.
They point to a 1993 feasibility study by by the CINN group on building a similar dry canal across Costa Rica that revealed a 20 percent annual return on investment.
Food consumption for high-dose CINN was reduced, indicating poor palatability.
The tumor incidences in animals exposed to DEHP, CINN, CEA, MON, ETU, DETU, and TMTU for 1 year (in the satellite studies) are shown in Table 5.
In the rat, liver weight and liver hypertrophy were clearly increased by DEHP, CINN and DCB, as reported by others (30-32).
Fessler's leadership, the CINN Institute for Spine Care is positioned to meet the substantial need for comprehensive patient care and research in the area of spine disorders," said Leonard J.
in Chicago, as well as in Harvey, Illinois and Northwest Indiana, and also at the CINN affiliated facilities located at Rush-Presbyterian-St.
CINN is one of the nation's leading organizations for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with brain and spine disorders.
5/6 INDY 5/6 CINN In the battle of the Golden Smile, which players gold teeth with be shown more "on camera"?
If diagnosed and treated, CINN founder and internationally renowned Neurosurgeon, Leonard J.
CINN doctors have found the lumbar drain, or spinal tap, is an accurate measure of whether a patient will improve through treatment.
For more information on NPH, contact CINN at 1-800-411-CINN (2466) or go to http://www.