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CINRCarrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio
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Equation (50) means that to guarantee CU can perform SIC successfully, the CINR of CU needs to be better than that of DR.
He asked a profound question, still relevant today: "What could a few years of internal tranquility and order do for Africa?" (CINR 282) And, while Blyden never articulated the fulsome vision of political and economic unification we have come to associate with Pan-Africanism, for he fought for a West African Federation, and for a time promoted its fulfillment under the umbrella of British rule, in believing that the British would never stay in Africa.
In the case of LTE-A system, the throughput is derived according to CINR, which is observed by the UE, as indicated by following formula
Color Modulation DL Throughput (Mbps) CINR (dB) RSSI (dBm) Red QPSK 2.03 9.18 -82.71 Green 16 QAM 3.27 11.32 -73.95 Blue 64 QAM 3.91 23.65 -51.26 Table 4.
For all channels in a small geographical area of interest (pixel): 2.1 Compare the received signal strength against the minimum CINR threshold.
* The Error Level Calculation (ELC) module determines the network error level based on network buffer status and CINR for mobile users.
The CINR at user k on subcarrier n, r^-1 (t) is given by
In order to solve these problems, CLAR distinguishes between the core area and the edge area by using wireless channel status based on SIR (Signal-to-Interference Ratio), information and location of client based on RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), and CINR (Carrier to Interference-and-Noise Ratio) with Tx headroom, as is shown in Fig.
Table 1 shows an example of the modulation and coding scheme (MCS) level for the carrier-to-interface ratio (CINR) which satisfy PER [less than or equal to] 1%.
After sub-channel allocation, the base station initiates the transmit power allocation by allocating equal transmit power to all of the sub-channels using the EBP (Equal Band Power) algorithm [11], and calculates the CINR of each user in order to determine the corresponding MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) level.