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CINTCenter for Integrated Nanotechnologies
CINTConjunto Instrumental Nuestro Tiempo (Spanish: Our Time Instrumental Ensemble; Cuba)
CINTConservation Intention
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CINT members also attend a 2-week negotiation course offered by the Metropolitan Police Department in London, England, for supplementary training.
In addition to general training, CINT also has focused on preparing for specific threats.
Today, training for CINT members continues on a regular basis to address pertinent and current challenges and to maintain the team's state-of-the-art readiness.
The FBI deploys CINT negotiators for one of two reasons.
Since 1985, CINT members have negotiated domestic incidents such as the Cuban prisoner uprisings in Oakdale, Louisiana; Atlanta, Georgia; and Talladega, Alabama, as well as standoffs with religious zealots in Marion, Utah; Ruby Creek, Idaho; and Waco, Texas.
CINT members deployed overseas generally respond in teams of two.
Since 1985, CINT negotiators have assisted in the release of American hostages held in Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Zaire, Cambodia, and the Philippines.
As a result, CINT negotiators have met with police forces around the globe to provide training in crisis management as it pertains to kidnaping and hostage incidents.
Commanders at the scene called the CMU, which set up telephonic support from CINT negotiators for the sheriff's and police department's negotiators in Missoula.
CMU identified two CINT members, one a native Russian speaker and the other, an experienced Soviet counterintelligence investigator, and immediately dispatched them from Washington, DC, to Missoula.