CIOPCentro de Investigaciones Opticas (La Plata, Argentina)
CIOPChicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
CIOPCommon Inter-ORB Protocol
CIOPChartered Insurance Operations Professional Institute (New York, NY)
CIOPCommon Interface Operating Procedure
CIOPCoaxial Input/Output Panel
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The Philippine-UAE partnership will be the pilot programme for the CIOP.
The Low Down Payment Home Mortgage initiative was developed through the collaborative efforts of Fannie Mae; NTIC; and NTIC community-group affiliates such as CIOP, and is designed so that local lenders, such as National City, can help more low- and moderate-income borrowers purchase homes.
Central Illinois cities served by CIOP and this mortgage initiative include: Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana, Danville, Decatur, Peoria, Rantoul, Springfield, and surrounding rural counties.
At National City, we are very excited about this partnership with Fannie Mae and CIOP.
NTIC is proud that Central Illinois' neighborhoods will now be able to use this initiative with the help of CIOP, Fannie Mae, and National City.
Additional reductions were made to activities related to Control Systems ($6 million, with the balance of $4 million transferred to the CIIE program), the National Terrorist Prevention Training Program (almost $9 million), the Coordinate National Protection Efforts (almost $3 million, plus another $4 million which was transferred to CIOP for National Infrastructure Protection Plan activities), and General Security Plans (over $3 million).
93) For example, funding for DHS's role in the Committee on Foreign-owned Investment in the United States (CFIUS) was transferred out of CIOP and budgeted within the new Policy Office of the Secretary.