CIOPCentralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy (Polish: Central Institute for Labour Protection)
CIOPCommon Input Output Platform
CIOPCentro de Investigaciones Opticas (La Plata, Argentina)
CIOPChicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
CIOPCommon Inter-ORB Protocol
CIOPChartered Insurance Operations Professional Institute (New York, NY)
CIOPCommon Interface Operating Procedure
CIOPCoaxial Input/Output Panel
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The Philippine-UAE partnership will be the pilot programme for the CIOP.
Additional reductions were made to activities related to Control Systems ($6 million, with the balance of $4 million transferred to the CIIE program), the National Terrorist Prevention Training Program (almost $9 million), the Coordinate National Protection Efforts (almost $3 million, plus another $4 million which was transferred to CIOP for National Infrastructure Protection Plan activities), and General Security Plans (over $3 million).
93) For example, funding for DHS's role in the Committee on Foreign-owned Investment in the United States (CFIUS) was transferred out of CIOP and budgeted within the new Policy Office of the Secretary.