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CIP4CDC42 (Cell Division Control Protein 42) Interacting Protein 4
CIP4International Cooperation for Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (formerly CIP3)
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By inviting Deen to join our team, we aim to further this mission by active participation in CIP4 and NGP, and continuing to integrate the JDF standard across our next generation workflow products.
In addition to Buyse's recognition as a thought leader in the industry, Paul Gaboury, printCafe's integration expert, will serve as the company's representative to the CIP4 organization's Advisory Board, the highest authority in CIP4.
EFI is also participating in the CIP4 JDF Show Floor Tour, "JDF-enabled Workflow and MIS Systems.
Initiated by Adobe Systems, Agfa, Heidelberg and MAN Roland, JDF was handed over to CIP4 in 2004.
Automatic imposition for sheet presses in Apogee is based on the CIP4 Folding Catalogue and today already 60% of sheet fed jobs are processed by AutoImpose in Apogee.
LithoTechnics is a full member of the CIP4 Organization.
A producer of feminine hygiene products and wet wipes, CIP4 exited the baby diaper market a few years ago.
The protocols were developed by an industry consortium known as CIP4 (the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress), a voluntary collaboration of key industry players which establishes protocols used in virtually all modern printing equipment and software.
It has a fully JDF-compliant workflow for CIP4 production environments.
Lastly, CIP4, the industry organization responsible for JDF, will sponsor a "JDF Live" demonstration area in the EFI booth.
com), a print communications company in Wilmington, DE, has been selected as a first place winner of the CIP4 International Print Production Innovation Award.