CIPAGCritical Infrastructure Protection Advisory Group
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The qualities of Cipag, namely, compliance, innovation, professionalism, advocacy and globalization should be imbued by the Filipino CPA to move forward in his profession.
Larry Brown, a CIPAG member who works at EEI, points out that the guidelines must cover a wide range of entities, from traditional utilities that own their own generation, distribution, and transportation facilities to energy marketers and other industry players.
"The main issue is that every electric sector entity has to do their own risk assessment," says CIPAG Chairman Kevin Perry.
Security directors of electric utilities outside the CIPAG network generally indicated that the guidelines are a step in the right direction.
CIPAG agreed to create a "self-directed work team" out of its constituents to help establish the standards, says Michael Hyland, another CIPAG member and director of engineering services for the American Public Power Association.
Innovation (the 'I' in this Cipag series of articles) should be in the DNA of my fellow professional accountants.
For us to maintain and even move forward, we should focus on five priority attributes of compliance, innovation, professionalism, advocacy and globalization, with the appropriate acronym of Cipag.
Knowing these developments affecting CPAs is the path toward compliance of Cipag.
Work hard on our compliance, innovation, professionalism, advocacy and globalization, or Cipag for short.
Definitely, by focusing on our Cipag, we will continue to go a long way and expand our horizons.