CIPECCanadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
CIPECCenter for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change
CIPECCombustion, Incineration/Pyrolysis and Emission Control (conference)
CIPECConseil Intergouvernemental des Pays Exportateurs de Cuivre (French: Intergovernmental Council of Copper-Exporting Countries)
CIPECCentral Iowa Public Employees Council (labor union)
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Lilian Marquez Barrientos del CIPEC y Edwin Castellanos proporcionaron abundante informacion sobre la Reserva de la Biosfera Maya, que se presenta en el mismo suplemento.
By demonstrating the positive side of the climate change challenge -- by showing how to marry strong environmental stewardship with astute economic management -- CIPEC members are blazing important trails for others to follow," said Ralph Goodale, minister of Natural Resources Canada.
CIPEC, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2000, is a successful model for government--industry partnerships in Canada and continues to be the focal point for the manufacturing and mining industries' response to Canada's National Action Program on Climate Change.
Corporacion para el Desarrollo Integral del Sector Pecuario CIPEC.
The Intergovernmental Council for Copper Exporting Countries, CIPEC, whose members are Peru, Chile, Zaire and Zambia, annually contributes around $700,000 to promotional activities at a world level.
Penetration Rate: 75% Same as in Option 1 Industry Option 1 Option 3 Expand CIPEC beyond to include all of industry.
Hantho organized industries' response to the climate change issue as a past chairman of the Executive Board of CIPEC and former chairman of the Minister's Advisory Council on Industrial Energy Efficiency for the Department of Natural Resources - Canada.