CIPELCommission Internationale pour la Protection des Eaux du Lac Leman (French)
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"I have had a very difficult time," Cipel said, speaking in Hebrew outside his parents' apartment building in the Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon L'Tzion.
Meanwhile, the FBI reportedly intends to open an investigation into the political case, on suspicion that Cipel, 35, tried to blackmail the governor, demanding $5 million for not revealing their relationship.
This same fat cat was also on the board of a Brooklyn college that wanted a state license to open a medical school in New Jersey--so when Cipel (the former boyfriend) and his lawyer allegedly offered to drop the lawsuit against McGreevey in exchange for that college's being granted a license (and five million bucks), it looked as if the cynics must be right.
Giving Golan Cipel a job within New Jersey's homeland defense was gross patronage and obsession.
I have to admit, at first I thought you and your boyfriend Golan Cipel were a couple of shady characters.
Otherwise he would not have flaunted his closeness to Cipel, leading him to self-destructive acts such as accompanying Cipel on a walk-through of a town house Cipel was about to buy a short distance from McGreevey's house.
"When Golan Cipel took on the governor, he bit on more than he could chew."
At the eye of the storm were McGreevey's repeated failures of judgment, including those concerning a man in his early 30s named Golan Cipel.
Dave DeCicco of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund believes most people will Look beyond McGreevey's coming-out when considering the larger scandal surrounding McGreevey's administration, including charges that lie avoided traditional hiring procedures to put, his then-boyfriend, Golan Cipel, on the state payroll.