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CIPHERCommunities of Interest to Promote Heritage of European Regions
CIPHERCommon Information for Public Health Electronic Reporting (US CDC)
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But what is the use of a cipher message without the cipher?
Your native shrewdness, my dear Watson, that innate cunning which is the delight of your friends, would surely prevent you from inclosing cipher and message in the same envelope.
Please burn the cipher message, which can now be of no use to you.
I had picked up the original cipher message and was bending my brows over it.
The cipher message begins with a large 534, does it not?
But, with the cipher now before us, all difficulty was removed by the signature.
The general use which may be made of the table is obvious - but, in this particular cipher, we shall only very partially require its aid.
Let us refer, for example, to the last instance but one, in which the combination ;48 occurs - not far from the end of the cipher.
Looking now, narrowly, through the cipher for combinations of known characters, we find, not very far from the beginning, this arrangement, 83(88, or egree, which, plainly, is the conclusion of the word 'degree,' and gives us another letter, d, represented by †.
As he was speaking thus, entirely occupied with his ciphers, and thinking no more of his gout, repelled by a preoccupation which, with the cardinal, was the most powerful of all preoccupations, Bernouin rushed into the chamber, quite in a fright.
But he, that plots to be the only figure amongst ciphers, is the decay of a whole age.
Above all things he despised obvious Christians and ciphers with the chrysanthemums of aristocracy in their button-holes.