CIPHICanadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (l'Institut Canadien des Inspecteurs en Hygiène Publique)
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Lorraine spent time giving me my first orientation to the Canadian EHS educational system and involvement with CIPHI.
CIPHI has direct control over the PHI certification process and accreditation of the EHS programs at the five universities.
CIPHI dictates the learning objectives that the academic programs must address as part of their curriculum.
Next, I spent some time with three officers from the CIPHI Alberta branch who helped fill me in on the role of CIPHI in university EHS programs, their accreditation board, and about CIPHI in Alberta.
In particular, I was able to review their CIPHI accreditation documents and learning objectives.
A closer association exists between CIPHI and the professional and academic accreditation programs and universities.
NEHA offers CIPHI members the opportunity to join NEHA for a discount.
I value a number of features in the CIPHI journal, Environmental Heath Review.
Whether or not you decide to join CIHPI, you should know that CIPHI has extended a very special opportunity to NEHA members in connection with the upcoming Vancouver meeting.
In addition, CIPHI has applied to NEHA for CE credit for this event.
Again, I hope that many NEHA members will find a way to take advantage of these financial savings and the CE credit that your NEHA membership and our special relationship with CIPHI have opened up for you.
You will find among your CIPHI colleagues both a warm welcome and many new friendships as the hosts of this meeting.