CIPLCentre for Public and International Law (Australia)
CIPLCommonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (est. 1983; Lexington, KY)
CIPLCalifornia Interfaith Power and Light
CIPLCenter for Intellectual Property Law
CIPLCentral Images Picture Library (UK)
CIPLCommercial Invoice and Packing List
CIPLCentral Islip Public Library (Central Islip, NY)
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Although the results from our study showed that it was significantly downregulated in the xyr1 deletion mutant, the function of cipl remains unknown.
CIPL have been used because of their rehabilitative and renewal qualities in contrast to the higher costs, construction risks and public inconvenience associated with conventional pipeline replacement methods, particularly in congested and difficult to access areas such as river and road crossings or urban areas.
The project's simulated tests, conducted in accordance with Cornell's protocols established over two decades of CIPL and cast-iron pipe testing, were designed to ascertain liner residual tensile strength and adhesion properties at concentrated stress joint areas of extracted CIPL field-aged, cast-iron pipe test segments.
In Kentucky, each school district identifies parents for the CIPL trainings (described above).
Unlike the collections of essays from many symposia or Festschriften, including some of those from meetings of the CIPL, which are often very miscellaneous despite embracing titles, this constitutes an original exploration of evidence for its theme gathered at first hand, running from ancient Rome through the early and high Middle Ages, including grammar schools and monastic scriptoria, then a distinct portion on learning to write the vernacular in the emerging Germanic languages, survival of Gothic, and the problems of Polish (differing from other Slavic tongues using Cyrillic).
The beer is priced at between INR100 and INR125 for a 650-ml bottle, CIPL said.
The ratings are underpinned by the strong ties between CIPL and its parent, with all of the company's loan facilities being backed by guarantees from Caterpillar, Fitch said.
By studying the holomorphic structure of automorphic inverse property quasigroups and loops[AIPQ and (AIPL)] and cross inverse property quasigroups and loops[CIPQ and (CIPL)], it is established that the holomorph of a loop is a Smarandache; AIPL, CIPL, Kloop, Bruck-loop or Kikkawa-loop if and only if its Smarandache automorphism group is trivial and the loop is itself is a Smarandache; AIPL, CIPL, K-loop, Bruck-loop or Kikkawa-loop.
Each offers training that was adopted-and adapted-from aspects of the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL), which has been training over 200 Kentucky parent leaders a year since 1997.
However, many financial services companies participating in the Center for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL) project believe quality notices help build long-term profitable relationships.
Lexington, KY: Commonwealth Institute for Parents, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence (available online: http://
In Bingham's home state, the California Interfaith Power and Light (CIPL) draws from a broad base of groups--from the Social Justice Department of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento to the Southern California Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life.