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From the beginning of the fifth century BC, these cippi are largely superseded by stelae or standing slabs with triangular tops.
But the presence of animal bones; the consensus of the classical sources; and the dedications on the cippi and the stelae, all point firmly in the opposite direction.
"Se un raggio si protende sugli sguardi", se cioe s'intravede uno spiraglio di salvezza, questo puo accadere richiamando le "parole gridate / al vento degli annali e sui cippi confinari di Eboli".
"Temperature readings are taken every three seconds in real-time and can be sent wirelessly by miniature radio transmitters to an on-site computer with proprietary Zia CIPP Intelligence System (CIPPI) software," Conte explains.
Non hanno avuto medaglie, ne attestati di benemerenza, ne cippi con incisi i loro nomi, ma soltanto un grazie [...]".
(11) Enterprisingly, Piranesi was to record and, indeed to advertise, many of these refashioned works in a series of individual plates, later collected in two volumes in 1778, the year of his death, as Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi....