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CIPROCompanies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (South Africa)
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Patients in both were randomized 2:1 to receive cipro DI or placebo once daily for six cycles of 56 days each.
(%), Resistance category n = 3,324 n = 3,501 Cipro ([dagger]) 54 (1.6) 211 (6.0) Cef/Amp ([double dagger]) 162 (4.9) 8 (0.2) Amp-only ([section]) 750 (22.6) 90 (2.6) Any of the above ([paragraph]) 966 (29.1) 309 (8.8) Newport, no Heidelberg, no.
as Cipro. A blockbuster in the prescription drug market, the drug has been prescribed to more than 340 million people worldwide, according to Bayer.
The FDA recently approved several Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) for generic versions of Bayer Corporation Pharmaceutical Division's CIPRO I.V., a drug to treat certain bacterial infections.
She told the court that she had been taking the antibiotic Cipro for a urinary infection and this affected how her body coped with alcohol.
Her solicitor said she had been taking the antibiotic Cipro to tackle a urinary infection and this had affected how her body coped with the alcohol.
Freeman asked her why she didn't tell the police she was taking an anti-histamine, called Cipro, for her cystitis.
Because Burma has no prescription requirements, I didn't need his consent to self-medicate; I should have been at the supermarket asking for Cipro, an antibiotic, rather than wasting his time as others waited.
Don't take antacids with antibiotics such as Cipro and the popular five-day therapy Z-Pak (Zithromax 250 mg).
Baytril does not completely eliminate Campylobacter from the birds' intestinal tracts, and those Campylobacter bacteria that survive are resistant to Cipro, the drug that would normally be used to treat humans with the bacteria.