CIPSOCommon Internet Protocol Security Options
CIPSOCommercial Internet Protocol Security Option
CIPSOCommon Internet Protocol Security Option
CIPSOConfiguration Interaction with Perturbation Including Spin-Orbit Coupling
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Jose Faustino Jr., in coordination with the different Government Agencies, is implementing a Critical Infrastructure Protection and Security Operations (CIPSO) to secure and protect government projects and in support of the "Build Build Build" Program of the government in Regions 12 and 13.
13C NMR (acetone-d6, 125 MHz) I' 33.92, 33.72 (2CH2), 38.17, 39.11 (CH), 49.60 (CH2), 60.07 (CH), 70.28 (CH-N), 75.98 (Cspiro), 126.80, 130.33, 133.21, 136.23 (8CH, aromatic), 141.75 (Cipso, aromatic), 198.14, 198.17, 201.23, 201.81 (4C=O).