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CIQConflict of Interest Questionnaire (Texas)
CIQCustomer Information Quality
CIQCustoms, Immigration and Quarantine
CIQConseil Interprofessionnel du Québec (French: Quebec Interprofessional Council; Quebec, Canada; est. 1965)
CIQCommunity Integration Questionnaire
CIQChina Inspection and Quarantine
CIQChiquimula, Guatemala (Airport code)
CIQCalls in Queue (call center)
CIQCoopérative des Inséminateurs du Québec
CIQCase In Question
CIQCustomer Information Questionnaire
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Even though only 21 candidates participated in the interviews, all candidates had given consent to include their CIQ responses as data; as such, this first member check involved the entire class.
Assessment studies of the consequences of TBI, in which the researchers used the CIQ, reported satisfactory evidence of validity and reliability (9,12-17).
Participants were asked to complete the CIQ (1) and the CIM (2) standardised questionnaires at the end of the interview.
In the two undergraduate statistics courses, the CIQ was used throughout the term with five major data collection times; forms were always available, and students were encouraged to use them.
When responding to the CIQ, the students shared their understanding of what it means to be resilient, how they have done this in the past, and what skills they would need to help them continue to do this in the future.
The CIQ (Heppner & Roehlke, 1984) was completed by supervisors and trainees after each supervision session.
CIT tasks obtain results very similar to the ones generated by to classical CIQ items based on the double negation principle, and have the additional advantage of being perceived by participants as easier and demanding less of their time (Lo Monaco et al.
We do not display the uncategorized subsidiaries listed in CIQ (i.
Following the pilot study and Richey and Klein's advice for structuring program development research, a qualitative case study of 13 higher education graduate participants was conducted by administering a CIQ questionnaire following each of the six synchronous sessions held during the 10-week course in a course on delivery of distance education.