CIQSCanadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (Markham, Ontario)
CIQSCustoms, Immigration, Quarantine and Security (East ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Growth Area)
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When the Xiamen Air plane crash landed on NAIA, several flights were also diverted to Clark International Airport and airport sources informed me that the passengers were also stuck in their planes because there was no skeleton force to do the CIQ or Customs-Immigration-Quarantine chores.
Instead of doing a "bash and blame" of authorities and operators every time the problem occurs, perhaps it is high time that the MIAA, Clark Airport Management and airlines executives put up a kitty fund of some sort to fund a 24-hour skeleton crew of CIQ at the Clark and Cebu airport just in case diversions occur.
Using Microsoft Excel, I typed the CIQs verbatim into one spreadsheet organized by the date on which the CIQ was collected.
At no point during the interviews or with CIQs did I specifically prompt participants to compare the English-language and TL approaches with course material or to discuss which language helped them learn the material more effectively.
(2000) was used as a tool to analyze the CIQs for the presence of cognitive, social, and teaching presence in the synchronous online sessions.
* The researcher's role as facilitator in the course may have prevented some of the student participants from being as honest as they might otherwise have been in filling out their CIQs.
To realize this goal, the Roadmap sets out a medium-term strategy based on four key objectives, namely, to (i) promote intra- and extra-EAGA trade, investments and tourism in selected priority sectors; (ii) coordinate the management of natural resources for sustainable development of the sub-region; (iii) improve infrastructural capacities and connectivity as well as CIQS issues; and (iv) strengthen the institutional structures of BIMP-EAGA.
However, efficient movement of goods and people is impeded in many parts of BIMP-EAGA by cumbersome and lengthy border crossing procedures, and a lack of transparency and consistency in the application of CIQS rules and regulations.
Camp staff could also complete CIQs each week and share the information with camp administrators.
The teacher summarizes the CIQ responses and shares that information with the class along with discussion about any actions.
The CIQ included four open-ended prompts that asked trainees to describe (a) the critical incident, (b) their reaction to the event, (c) why the event was significant, and (d) what they would change if they could have the experience again.
Six raters, five women and one man, ranging in age from 21 to 56 years, reviewed the narrative statements generated by the CIQ to make determinations about similarities and dissimilarities among statements.