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CIRASCenter for Industrial Research and Service (Iowa State University Extension, Ames, Iowa)
CIRASComputational Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems (Conference)
CIRASConfidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (UK rail)
CIRASCombat Integrated Releasable Armor System
CIRASCorporate Information Retrieval and Storage (CIA Directorate of Intelligence)
CIRASCustomer Identification and Risk Assessment Software
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Gobierno de redes asistenciales: evaluacion de los Consejos Integradores de la Red Asistencial (CIRA) en el contexto de la reforma del sector salud en Chile.
Se realizaron curvas de temperatura (A vs [T.sub.f]; n=4) entre las 09:00 y 11:00 con un analizador CIRAS 2, variando la temperatura de la camara de 25 a 45[degrees]C con un sistema de control microclimatico (PP Systems, Hitchin, RU).
Some CIRAs allow for funds to be invested in any investment guaranteed by the U.S.
Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw, one of the ten largest law firms in the world, uses Semagix's CIRAS software for anti-money laundering compliance.
CIRAs are required to provide financial information to their members on a regular basis.
Because of the large number of people and the significant amounts of money involved, CIRAs have special accounting and auditing needs.
As medidas foram tomadas entre 10 e 12 horas (quatro folhas por tratamento), utilizando-se um analisador portatil a gas infravermelho (modelo CIRAS 2-PPSystem).
She provides accounting and consulting services to not-for-profit organizations and trusts, closely-held businesses and real estate entities such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, HUD projects, low-income housing tax credit projects and CIRAs. She also provides QuickBooks consulting to a number of clients.
On another Semagix note, in an effort to comply with the "Know Your Customer" provision of the USA Patriot Act, the company has developed the Customer Identification & Risk Assessment Solution (CIRAS).
The Ardrossan blackspot was the main concern raised by train drivers through the CIRAS hotline, which was set up by Scotrail.