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CIRASCenter for Industrial Research and Service (Iowa State University Extension, Ames, Iowa)
CIRASComputational Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems (Conference)
CIRASConfidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (UK rail)
CIRASCombat Integrated Releasable Armor System
CIRASCorporate Information Retrieval and Storage (CIA Directorate of Intelligence)
CIRASCustomer Identification and Risk Assessment Software
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Semagix's CIRAS technology is unique in being able to infer relationships across huge volumes of data sourced from CRM applications, external watchlists, and other sources to discover pertinent information that pierces the individual or corporate veil.
Semagix's CIRAS technology goes beyond just verifying the identity of the customer, and extends or `enhances' information about a customer to include key relationships held by that customer, the sources and destinations of specific transactions, and the risk represented by each of these factors (e.
Light was supplied from a Vialox Planta-T sodium lamp (Osram, UK) filtered through a circulating water bath, such that the lateral fern inside the CIRAS cuvette received saturating PPFD of 1100 [micro]mol [m.
CIRAS staff assists clients with productivity improvement
2 Theory of Constraints Assistance Provide support to CIRAS in the training and implementation of theory of