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CIRCCentre International de Recherche sur le Cancer (French: International Agency for Cancer Research)
CIRCCivitan International Research Center (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
CIRCCódigo do Imposto Sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Colectivas (Portuguese income tax code)
CIRCClimate Impacts Research Centre
CIRCCircular Reference
CIRCCommunity Information Resource Center
CIRCCooperative Integrated Reading and Composition
CIRCCross Interleave Reed-Solomon Code (used on CDs)
CIRCComputer Incident Response Capability
CIRCCollectif d'Information et de Recherche Cannabique
CIRCCornell Institute for Research on Children
CIRCCentral Illinois Robotics Club
CIRCCommunity Informatics Resource Center
CIRCChemical Incident Reports Center
CIRCCurtin Indigenous Research Centre
CIRCCircumcision Information Resource Centre (Montreal, Canada)
CIRCCommunity Information and Referral Centre
CIRCCorporate & Industrial Restructuring Corporation (Pakistan)
CIRCComputer Integrated Road Construction
CIRCCanada's Information Resource Centre
CIRCCentral India Regional Council
CIRCCentral Information Reference and Control
CIRCConflict of Interest in Research Committee
CIRCCommercial-Industrial Realty Council
CIRCCareer Information Resource Centre
CIRCChildcare Information Reference Collection
CIRCCultural Industries Research Centre
CIRCCircularization Burn (NASA)
CIRCComputer Information and Resource Center (now defunct GWU division)
CIRCCentral de Información de Riesgo Crediticio (Spanish: Central Credit Risk Information; Bolivia)
CIRCCytokeratin-Positive Interstitial Reticulum Cell
CIRCCentral Incident Response Center
CIRCCentralized Information Reference and Control
CIRCColorado Immigration Rights Coalition
CIRCComputer Incident Response Center
CIRCChina Insurance Regulatory Commission
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CIRC collaboratives also let decision-makers drill down into the layers of socioeconomic, demographic and health data to understand the complexity of their communities, which we hope will result in better service delivery and wiser public policy choices.
Relevant policy makers, the media, and members of the Cornell community will be invited; established relationships with media such as the New York Times's Science Times and Scientific American will help enhance media coverage of the CIRC team's findings.
The EMC CIRC provides proactive global threat monitoring, data leakage prevention, and comprehensive security incidents response and protection to the EMC corporate enterprise.
By developing a connected grid of streets that is integrated with local land use planning, this alternative to the Circ creates new opportunities for smart growth and compact neighborhood development.
For the fourth year running, Willis has been awarded a five star quality ranking by the CIRC Shanghai in 2011, and was also named "Broker of the Year" at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards in Singapore in 2011 for being in the "vanguard of providing risk management solutions to help Asian clients mitigate new exposures".
In an attempt to liberalise interest rates, the CIRC raised the ceiling on returns on life insurance policies, in early August, to 3.
Commenting on the CIRC approval, Andre Dallaire, Chubb's Greater China regional manager, said, "Jiangsu Province and the Yangtze River Delta comprise a large population, vibrant manufacturing sector and dynamic growth engine for the Chinese economy.
According to CIRC, in the first seven months of 2008, premium income in China's life insurance sector rose 66.
In September 2002, President Bush issued an executive order to expedite or "streamline" the environmental review process for a select group of high priority transportation projects, including the Circ.
Headquartered in Chongqing, LICL received CIRC approval in March this year to prepare for a provincial branch in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province - the largest property and casualty insurance market in China.
will provide suggestions for major policy and mechanism design at the CIRC.
21 percent stake in its subsidiary, while ICBC (Asia) will hold no further stake in Taiping General Insurance, CIRC said.