CIRCAMPCOSPOL (Comprehensive, Operational, Strategic Planning for the Police) Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project (European Police Chiefs Task Force)
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Operation Icarus is the first operation concluded under the auspices of the new action plan of the COSPOL Internet Related Child Abuse Material Project (CIRCAMP) an initiative by EU police chiefs led by Belgium and funded by the European Commission, but which Cyprus is yet to join.
Operation Icarus was initiated during a CIRCAMP meeting at the start of 2011, when it was agreed that Danish Police (DK NITEC) should lead the investigations because of its expertise in peer-to-peer file sharing networks.
Under the former Safer Internet Plus Programme, a thematic network of law enforcement agencies called CIRCAMP was set up to encourage organised, extensive cross-border exchange of best practice in the fight against production and online distribution of child sexual abuse material within Europe and internationally.