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CIRCLECurriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Educators
CIRCLECenter for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement
CIRCLECentre for Innovation Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (Sweden)
CIRCLECentre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education (Australia)
CIRCLECultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe
CIRCLECenter for Immigrant and Refugee Community Leadership and Empowerment
CIRCLECenter for Improving Readiness of Children for Learning and Education (Houston, TX)
CIRCLEComputer Industry Resources Committed to the Leading Edge (Canada)
CIRCLECompassion, Integrity, Responsibility, Committment, Loyalty, Excellence (publication of McAlester Medical Center, McAlester, OK)
CIRCLECluster of Infrared Complementary Lasers in Europe
CIRCLECentral Illinois Recreation Council for Leisure Experience
CIRCLECentre d'Information et de Recherche Documentaire des Communautés Européennes (European Communities Information and Documentary Research Centre)
References in classic literature ?
They were all about him and the fire, in a narrow circle, and he could see them plainly in the firelight lying down, sitting up, crawling forward on their bellies, or slinking back and forth.
At such moments, when his dogs snarled, the whole circle would be agitated, the wolves coming to their feet and pressing tentatively forward, a chorus of snarls and eager yelps rising about him.
But this circle had a continuous tendency to draw in upon him.
Now for the strength and patience to find sensible traces to fit in with my thinking--and these must come within the circle I have drawn between the two bumps on my forehead!
There exist," said Barbicane, "several kinds of circles on the surface of the moon, and it is easy to see that Copernicus belongs to the radiating class.
It was a ringed mountain nine thousand feet high, and one of those circles so numerous on this satellite.
on the other side rises also a man and draws a circle around the circle we had just pronounced the outline of the sphere.
Literature is a point outside of our hodiernal circle through which a new one may be described.
Then, wishing to secure a brilliant position in high society, he learnt to dance excellently and very soon was invited to all the balls in the best circles, and to some of their evening gatherings.
The highest society then consisted, and I think always consist, of four sorts of people: rich people who are received at Court, people not wealthy but born and brought up in Court circles, rich people who ingratiate themselves into the Court set, and people neither rich nor belonging to the Court but who ingratiate themselves into the first and second sets.
And all the while the silent and wolfish circle waited to finish off whichever dog went down.
He saw the silent circle, with gleaming eyes, lolling tongues, and silvery breaths drifting upward, closing in upon him as he had seen similar circles close in upon beaten antagonists in the past.