CIRCMCommon Ifrared Countermeasure (US DoD)
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The award expands CIRCM production and strengthens the logistics support infrastructure necessary to support the program as it moves toward full rate production.
While the warhead zooms past, the CIRCM immediately geo-locates its source and takes a photo.
The CIRCM laser would use low-power lasers to jam missile guidance systems - a few dozen watts, rather than tens of thousands of watts, like the laser weapon system demonstrated last year.
'This award will allow the Army to extend the proven protection of CIRCM to additional aircraft and missions, providing advanced aircraft survivability where it is needed most,' said Bob Gough, vice president, land and avionics C4ISR, Northrop Grumman.
The company said the CIRCM system completes Northrop Grumman's full suite of electronic warfare protection systems, to include advanced missile warning, hostile fire indication, radar warning, radio frequency jamming, laser warning, IRCM jamming capabilities, and cockpit digitization.
The 12-month, USD11 million undertaking was awarded by the US Army to enable further development following the two-year CIRCM technology demonstration (TD) phase.
Northrop Grumman, Daylight Solutions Northrop Grumman Announces Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Solution for Its Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM) Offering.
The Northrop Grumman CIRCM system was subjected to rigorous conditions over a six-week period, after which the company said it successfully completed the entire government-designed test plan.