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CIRCSCenter for Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Systems (Northeastern University; Boston, MA)
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Yamagishi et al., "Nocturnal intermittent hypoxia and metabolic syndrome; the effect of being overweight: the CIRCS study," Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, vol.
Since the set of basic cycles must have [absolute value of E] - [absolute value of V] + 1 = 5 cycles, it follows that, since the set is basic, it constitutes a basis for the set of circs (and cycles) of the graph.
I myself loved Ghost World (6 circs since 05/31/2002), Maus (6 circs since 06/08/ 1993) and The Watchmen (3 circs since 03/08/2002), but the undisputed top performer in my graphic novel collection is Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina (Volume 1 has 23 circs since 05/12/2003), a manga that features lots of girls in bikinis.
An official of the CIRC stated that this is the first time the authority has approved licences for Mainland mutual insurance companies, showing the CIRCs keenness to develop a multi-layer insurance industry in China.
'What.' 'Don't, under any circs at all, tell the coppers we've been dealing with that Alys, right?
Girls Sky Atlantic, 10pm Sharp and sassy writing from Lena Dunham that - depending on your own age and personal circs - will make you yearn or shudder to be a 20-something in NYC.
The Solheim Cup pitches the best golfers from the Ladies European Tour against their counterparts from the American LPGA circs uit.
In the circs, Granny Norwood has devoted her life to destroying the thing she loved, which is almost punishment enough.
There's nothing Matilda can do in the circs, plus Vera is a criminal lawyer (in more ways than one, William said when I told him how nuptial she is).
He's also a superb manager, as his record under unbelievably trying circs at Dens Park proves.
Contract award: Employment Practices and Contractor Industrial Relations Coordination Service (EPCS and CIRCS).
So I did what any sane person would do in such circs. I wrote a note telling them that I would happily pay up.