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Bank Windhoek will under no circum stances communicate personal information with clients via SMS and email nor will clients be requested to submit confidential information to the bank, he said.
In my opinion you are a possessive individual, a controlling individual, you are manipulative, you are without emotion, you are uncaring and with having made that assessment of you and of you as an individual from all I know about the circum stances of the offences there is only one word or adjective that is apt, in fact it's two: Firstly, 'chilling' and secondly I have no hesitation whatsoever in finding an accordance with the statute that you are dangerous.
Del latin circumcsus--derivada de circumcidere, formado por circum, 'alrededor', y caedere, 'cortar', <<cortar una porcion del prepucio, alrededor del pene>>--, circunciso es adjetivo, aunque puede usarse como sustantivo: <<1.
Each acquisition is different because of the unique circum stances of how companies are organized and the goals of its owners.