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CIRECommercial Investment Real Estate
CIRECoordination et Initiatives pour et avec les Réfugiés et Étrangers (French: Coordination and Initiatives for and with Refugees and Foreigners; est. 1954)
CIRECellule Inter-Régionale d'Épidémiologie
CIRECentral Institute for Rural Electrification (India; est. 1979)
CIRECertificat d'Inscription au Registre des Etrangers
CIRECommittee on International Relations and Education (Radiological Society of North America)
CIRECooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (University of Colorado)
CIRECenter for International Research and Education (Chiba University; Japan)
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The CIRE program also will translate intellectual capital into financial capital by with UT Knoxville's College of Business Administration in developing and implementing business plans for students who want to take their ideas to market by partnering them with scientists with entrepreneurial experience.
Standard & Poor's believes that CIRe will not engage in on- or off-balance sheet transactions that might directly or indirectly involve the transfer of an atypical amount of funds to its parent or sister companies, and in so doing maintain its currently sound capitalization.
LEAR McCOY BUCK Scorable points 33 (17R, 16L) Total length Tip-to-tip spread 9 6/8 of abnormal Greatest spread 22 6/8 points: 51 2/8 Inside spread 17 4/8 Areas Measured Right Left Difference Main Beam 26 2/8 25 1/8 1 1/8 1st point (G-1) 7 3/8 7 3/8 -- 2nd point (G-2) 11 3/8 12 0/8 5/8 3rd point (G-3) 9 1/8 9 2/8 1/8 4th point (G-4) 3 3/8 3 2/8 1/8 1st cire.
The masterpiece of the collection, the unique Angel Cire Perdue in clear and red crystal, together with three additional unique special editions of the standing Angel and Heart, will be auctioned off by Paddle8 at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on February 28, 2016.
A coups de brosse vigoureux, il cire vos chaussures a merveille, frottant et essuyant energiquement d'une main d'expert sans jamais se presser (les autres clients peuvent attendre et celui qui est presse n'a qu'a s'en aller) et ne lachant vos chaussures que lorsqu'elles auront ete luisantes comme neuves
15 The OF first non-ballad song to win, for Luxembourg in 1965, was Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son.
000 apiculteurs qui produisent six recoltes majeures (miel, pollen, cire, gelee royale, propolis et venin d'abeilles) et quatre grands crus : le miel de l'oranger-citronnier, du jujubier, de l'eucalyptus et de la bruyere.
In d'Annunzio's La figure de cire the protagonist, unquestionably based on the Marchesa, is killed in front of a wax model of herself, which spontaneously animates upon her death, replacing her.
The men argue amongst each other: Cire looks at his wife with admiration and declares his allegiance to her, to the dismay of some of the other men, while Ibrahima Doucoure is physically assaulted by his father when he expresses his support of the women.
The French Grand Guignol theatre probably first picked up on this idea through Andre de Lorde's 1910 stage production Figures de Cire, brought to the screen eponymously in 1914 by Maurice Tourneur, but it was an unpublished story by Charles Spencer Belden entitled The Wax Works that introduced the Pygmalion myth into the equation and launched a horror trope that is still being reproduced.