CIRFCentro Italiano per la Riqualificazione Fluviale (Italian River Restoration Centre)
CIRFCancer Immunology Research Foundation
CIRFContact Improvisation Research Forum (dance group; San Francisco, CA)
CIRFCenter for Individual Responsibility and Freedom (Pensacola, FL)
CIRFCentralized Intermediate Repair Facility
CIRFCapital Improvement Reserve Fund
CIRFCertified Information Reporting Filer
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CONCLUSION: Routine intra-operative ultrasound after standard PCNL helps in detecting CIRF and significant residual calculi.
As before, each CIRF includes a solid line, indicating the accumulated growth rates of the differenced series and 95 % confidence interval bands, constructed using 1,000 bootstrap iterations.
CIRF REPORT, supra note 190, at 54; AMMF, supra note 181, at 681.
Figures 2-5 show the CIRFs for the first time period, while figures 6-9 show the CIRFs for the second period.
In the CIRF concept, the off-equipment maintenance requirement for certain preidentified parts and equipment is eliminated at the main base, and instead, the parts or equipment are shipped to a centralized repair facility for repair.
The value of the CIRF in any period is the sum of the effect of the shocks to a variable on another variable in the current and prior periods.
The CIRF is researching Internet development around the world in order to recommend ways in which the Internet can facilitate development of education, culture and the use of the Chinese language.
RM Guimaraes, OG Cruz e VG Parreira participaram da concepcao, analise de dados redacao e revisao final do artigo; JD Vieira e ML Mazoto participaram da redacao do artigo, CIRF Asmus participou da revisao final do artigo.
Determine CIRF stockage levels based on jet engine intermediate maintenance demand and storage limitations.
The system will automatically induct unserviceable reparables (using SBSS legacy transactions) into the CIRF for repair.
Additionally, because in some cases reparable items like engines and pods are at a single location, the CIRF can respond more effectively to the needs of the combatant commander.