CIRFSComité International des Fibres Synthétiques
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Man-made fibres (MMF) production grew by around 5% annually in the last ten years while those of cotton and wool fell by 1.6% and 1.2% respectively, says the 53rd edition of 'Information on Man-made Fibres' published by the European Man-made Fibres Association (CIRFS).
Cumulative impulse response functions (CIRF) for the VAR model in equation (4) are illustrated in Figure 1.
Univariate analysis and multivariate analysis (stepwise logistic regression analysis with backward elimination using the likelihood ratio) were used to identify predictive factors acting independently and to predict the probability of stone-free status and CIRFs after SWL sessions.
Besides increased radiation exposure, fluoroscopy may not detect small residual fragments (according to recent literature CIRF < 2 mm) and especially non-opaque stones.
In general most of the known channel sounder systems allow AGC switching between consecutively measured CIRFs.
Andreas Eule comments, I am delighted that Giulio Bonazzi has been elected to follow me as CIRFS president.
One way the Air Force aircraft maintenance community can minimize the effects of this environment is by using CIRFs. The advantages of CIRFs are that manpower is pooled at one location.
Figures 2-5 show the CIRFs for the first time period, while figures 6-9 show the CIRFs for the second period.
CIRFs of [m.sub.t], [R.sub.t], [y.sub.t], [w.sub.t], and [[Pi].sub.t] to the interest rate shock are plotted in Figure 5.
S., AFMA, CIRFS is a sophisticated organization in its own right and very ably directed; it commands wide respect in both industry and government.
This unique event was jointly organised by Dornbirn-MFC in cooperation with CIRFS (the European Man-made Fibres Association), EDANA (the association of the nonwovens industry) and ISWA (the global association of waste management companies).
Adjusting Supply Chain Data to Support Repair Enterprise for the 21 st Century (RE21)--Part 2 Consumable Items for F100 Consolidated Intermediate Repair Facilities (CIRFs)