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CIRLComputational Intelligence Research Laboratory (University of Oregon)
CIRLCanadian Institute of Resources Law (University of Calgary)
CIRLCenter for Integrating Research and Learning (Florida State University)
CIRLCommittee of Industrial Relations Librarians
CIRLCalcium Independent Receptor for Latrotoxin
CIRLCochlear Implant Research Laboratory (Massachusetts)
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Thanks to a handful of Devon farmers who left fields and unkempt hedegrows to nature, shunning the EU subsidised neatness and near-military maintenance of modern agriculture, the cirl bunting has battled back from the brink.
"If the EU continues with this plan, there is no doubt that wildlife will suffer, with the possible extinction of some threatened species, including the turtle dove and cirl bunting."
One of Britain's most endangered birds, the cirl bunting, has been saved from extinction by means of an innovative rescue plan launched in 1989.
Two other professional organizations of librarians--the Labor Issues Caucus of the Special Library Association (SLA) and the Committee of Industrial Relations Librarians (CIRL)--also address the provision of library services to organized labor, either on an in-house or outreach basis.
Priority will now be given to farmers with any of seven threatened farmland birds on their land - corn bunting, tree sparrow, lapwing, grey partridge, turtle dove, cirl bunting and stone curlew.
A natural outgrowth of their backyard watching has been the fostering of community projects such as the RSPB's defense of the cirl bunting, a colorful (rust, yellow, and black) European songbird whose last British stronghold is in South Devon.
"Participation and Sustainability: The Imperatives of Resource and Environmental Management." In Law and Process in Environmental Management: Essays from the Sixth CIRL Conference on Natural Resources Law.
AINA was invited to work with the Canadian Institute of Resources Law (CIRL) to assist in reviewing potential changes to watershed legislation, particularly as it may affect the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.
(8) See Gay, especially her discussion of Cone Cirl in "Not Here to Make Friends."
Compared with last year, 10 additional species of birds were added to the list of birds recorded including cirl bunting and Cettie's warbler.
Cirl Buntings sang on Bryn Pydew, a bird now found no closer than South Devon, while Corncrakes "were creaking in many localities", yet its nearest strongholds are now in the Hebrides.