CIRMFCentre International de Recherches Médicales de Franceville (French; Gabon)
CIRMFCorona Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility (California)
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We collected blood samples in EDTA tubes; plasma was separated by centrifugation in the field and stored in dry nitrogen until transfer to the CIRMF laboratory in Gabon, where it was stored at -80[degrees]C.
CIRMF is supported by the Government of Gabon, Total-Fina-Elf Gabon, and the Ministere de la Cooperation Frangaise.
Leroy, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, UR178, CIRMF, BP 769 Franceville, Gabon; fax: 241-67-72-95; email:
When wild animal carcasses were found, VHFC asked CIRMF to send a team to the site for diagnostic purposes.
At the main camp, the dry-shipper contents were transferred into larger dry-shipper containers (20.3 L), which were then forwarded to the CIRMF laboratory at the end of the mission.
Twenty-one gorilla, chimpanzee, and duiker carcasses were sampled in the wild and analyzed in the CIRMF biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory.
Although the PCR technique used by CIRMF can detect Ebola virus genetic material in carcasses 3-4 weeks old, the material is often degraded and incomplete.
Ksiazek for generously providing reagents to CIRMF.
CIRMF is supported by the Government of Gabon, Total-Fina-Elf Gabon, and Ministere de la Cooperation Francaise.
Rouquet is the head of the Primate Center at CIRMF. He is experienced in the treatment and evaluation of simian immunodeficiency virus and simian/HIV transmission in different primate models of HIV infection (pathogenic and nonpathogenic).