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CircRNAs (e.g., EIciRNAs and ciRNAs) abundant in the nucleus displayed little target miRNA binding sites, and knockdown of these circRNAs commonly resulted in reduced expression of their parental genes [17, 21].
(g) Formation of ciRNAs from intron lariats that escape the usual intron debranching and degradation, following the canonical pre-mRNA splicing.
(e) CircRNAs (e.g., EIciRNAs and ciRNAs) may interact with transcription complexes and enhance the expression of their parental genes.
EIciRNAs and ciRNAs were recently revealed to promote transcription of the parental genes.
Caption: Figure 3: Model of circRNA regulating the expression of a parental gene: (a) CiRNAs come from lariat introns that escape debranching.
The results of the present study demonstrate that although the concentration of cell-free cirDNA in the plasma of healthy donors does not depend on the sex of the donors, concentrations of cell-surface-bound cirNA differ in male and female donors.
The analysis of circulating nucleic acids (cirNAs) in blood provides helpful information for medical diagnostics (1 ).
We did not find any correlation between the ages of the patients and the concentrations of free or cell-surface-bound cirNAs. The total mean concentration of cirDNA in blood was higher in healthy men (1030 ng/mL of blood) than in healthy women (430 ng/mL; Mann-Whitney U-test, P <0.01).