CIRPACanadian Independent Record Production Association
CIRPACanadian Institutional Research and Planning Association
CIRPACentral Iowa Rental Property Association (Des Moines, IA)
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CIRPA offers advanced imaging technology through two clinics and 40 telerad locations, as well as radiology services through two Texas Health Resources facilities.
CIRPA is deploying the eGistics DMP solution to all of its practice facilities and to the offices of all of its radiology interpretation partners.
It takes organizational lobbying efforts through such organizations like CIRPA and the American Federation of Musicians to affect change.
The Routine AAF Clouds Optical Radiative Observations (RACORO) operated for over 5 months, from 22 January to 30 June 2009, over the SGP with the CIRPAS Twin Otter logging 260 research hours during 59 flights.
Cubic's TCDL and a Lockheed Martin sensor payload flew aboard a CIRPAS Pelican aircraft in a test of tracking and data transmission capability.