CIRRCommercial Interest Reference Rate
CIRRCanadian Institute of Reading Recovery (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CIRRChina International Resources Recycling (industry exhibition)
CIRRCorporate and Industry Research Reports (publication)
CIRRConfiguration Item Requirements Review
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Under the CIRR, 'casinos shall be prohibited from engaging in the following transactions or activities: Any transaction involving the conversion of cash from one form to another without being used in gaming, and results therefrom, made through: The receipt of cash for transmittal of all or part thereof through wire or telegraphic transfer for or on behalf of a customer; payments in cash of funds received through wire or telegraphic transfer; [and] the cashing of checks or other negotiable instruments.
Also under the CIRR, casinos will be prohibited to receive cash, the purpose or ownership of which cannot be ascertained within a seven-day period from the date of receipt and to use casino chips in premises other than the issuing casino, including betting and exchanging into cash or other forms of casino chips.
Por exemplo, uma operacao submetida ao modelo passou pela primeira verificacao, mas teve sua taxa final menor do que CIRR, forcando uma reducao no spread recomendado.
Para utilizacao do modelo, a CIRR deve ser atualizada mensalmente, considerando uma segunda validacao.
The extant analytical research has greatly increased our understanding of the relationships between CIRR and IRR, including the manner in which systematic and random error can affect CIRR.
The use of simulation allows an analysis of the relationship between the error with which CIRR estimates IRR and the errors in the assumed values for the firm's project life and cash flow profile.
The CIRR, ALM and F&P will be managed by James W.
With the full support of CARCU and RAPRA, CIRR is expected to present a higher-level trade show this year.
After the perfect joint network, both EPTES and CIRR have launched series of promotions activities towards potential purchasers and buyers.
KfW IPEX-Bank within the transaction is acting as the Euler Hermes and CIRR agent and in addition as the documentation bank.
The facility consists of a CIRR based fixed interest tranche and a floating interest rate tranche, with a door to door maturity of about 15 years.
For annual reporting must identify the following statements: the stock of CIRR commitment; year deposits and withdrawals and thus result, and a statement of the accumulated profit since 1998.