CIRSCommunity Information and Referral Service (Arizona)
CIRSCentre International de Recherche Scientifique (French: International Center for Scientific Research)
CIRSComposite Infrared Spectrometer
CIRSCircles (street type)
CIRSCurrency Interest Rate Swap
CIRSContractor Inventory Redistribution System
CIRSCertified Impairment Rating Specialist (medical cost containment)
CIRSCritical Incidents Reporting System
CIRSCustomer Infrastructure Readiness Survey
CIRSCombat Information Retrieval Service
CIRSCenter for International Research and Studies (University of New Mexico)
CIRSCommon Incident Reporting System
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What a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) is and why you need to know a lot about your illness;
In the present study, we aimed to investigate the prevalence and severity of the comorbidities using the CIRS and to identify possible predictors in AS patients.
The two industrial channel models, with their LOS and NLOS versions, have multipath effects in their CIRs. They were compared to the benchmarks of the free space wireless model, and of the log-distance ideal models without multipath with both LOS and NLOS versions.
The Japan Branch of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association has been promoting critical incident response (CIR) for co-workers after suicide since 2001.
The CIRS conducted research in about 34 topics and published 30 books in addition to a number of research publications, Dr Kamrava explained.
According to the report, Qatar's listed banks have the 'lowest' CIR (29.5%), on average across the GCC, reflecting 'cost consciousness' across the sector and the country as a whole.
CIRS has pioneered pushing the limits, expanding its foundation of contributors, bringing in unconventional participants.
The primary data on the capacity of CIRs was obtained by way of an electronic questionnaire responded by the secretaries of health sitting on health region governing bodies, covering all of Brazil's states except Roraima (where CIRs have not been implemented) and the Federal District (nonexistent).
Phase 1 2 3 4 5 1 -- NSD NSD SD SD 2 NSD -- NSD SD SD 3 NSD NSD -- SD SD 4 SD SD SD -- SD 5 SD SD SD SD -- Table 5: Quantitative image quality results using the CIRS model 901 20 cm phantom for standard NEMA measurements.