CIRUSCentre for Innovation Research in the Utility Sector (Switzerland)
CIRUSCenter for Indonesian Regional and Urban Studies
CIRUSCanada India Research US (nuclear reactor; Trombay, India)
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India used the IAEA safeguarded CIRUS reactor's spent fuel for making fissile material for its nuclear devices.
I think the one thing I am going to enjoy about all of this is torturing the hell out of Ciru.
These clever fan nicknames require greater knowledge on the fan's side in order to understand their etymological origin, as in smilers ["Miley Cirus fans"].
Later on Indian government interpreted the said deal in a quiet different way and accordingly assumed that the reactor will not be used for non peaceful purpose but the Plutonium, extracted from CIRUS could be used in nuclear explosions (Leventha l, 2005).
In 1956, a clone of NRX named CIRUS was given to India as a gift from Canada.
"Five of nine trucks have Cirus Controls to maximize efficient application.
Listen to me Miley Cirus: just wanting to be an 'edgy' grown up doesn't make it so.
& his II suna ymb toast rice wunnon, Artecserses & Cirus, op hiora aeegper paet maeste folc ongean operne geteah, & pa unsibbe mid gefeohtum dreogende waeron op Cirus ofslagen weard, se paer gingra waes.
Cockatiel hair Showbiz brat Miley Cirus started morphing into Pink somewhere around halfway through the year, and with the transformation came this bird-like do.
* Research reactors: CIRUS (which was shut down December 31, 2010),
A creation of the Montreal-based cirus Company, "The seven fingers", Traces was a heart-racing and throughly entertaining evening filled with youthful charm and some serious acrobatic skills.
International Resource News-August 1, 2011--Canadian Solar signs photovoltaic solar module sales agreement with Cirus Solar Systems Private(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -