CIRVCincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (Ohio)
CIRVCommon Interswitch Rekeying Variable (US DoD)
CIRVCarnation Italian Ringspot Virus
CIRVCoalition for Instant Runoff Voting (Florida PAC)
CIRVCreation Innovation Relation Vision
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Despite the success of CIRV, this author was initially skeptical that the concepts in this domestic program could reduce enemy influence in an active combat zone.
1) The inspiration for this concept came from Captain Daniel Gerard of the Cincinnati Police Department, who proposed the application of the CIRV concept in the Iraqi theater of operations prior to the author's deployment to Anbar Province, Iraq in 2009.
dent the eme He said: "It's great seeing many gang members change their lives via CIRV but we know they often need help and encouragement to stay on that path.
CIRV is based on the Ceasefire project in the US city of Boston, which was set up in 1996.
CIRV spread from the east end to the north of Glasgow in 2009.
But the Scottish government stopped funding the pounds 5million CIRV project in April this year and handed responsibility for it to Strathclyde Police.
Bosses at CIRV had hoped to refer youngsters to a partner scheme called Sidekix - an initiative to use football to keep youths away from crime.
A police spokeswoman said: "If this money had been granted, it would have allowed CIRV to refer clients to Sidekix.
But they admitted ongoing funding for CIRV was still being worked out.
The CIRV is due to be fully evaluated in six months at the end of a two-year trial.