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CISCommonwealth of Independent States (formerly the USSR)
CISCompuServe Information Service
CISComputer Information Systems
CISCustomer Information System
CISCenter for Imaging Science (Johns Hopkins University)
CISCenter for Immigration Studies
CISComputer and Information Science (University of Pennsylvania)
CISComputer Information Science
CISCancer Information Service (National Cancer Institute)
CISConstruction Industry Scheme (UK)
CISCareer Information System
CISCitizenship and Immigration Services (US Department of Homeland Security)
CISCouncil of International Schools
CISContinuous Ink System
CISContact Image Sensor
CISCongressional Information Service
CISCenter for International Studies (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
CISCenter for Internet Security
CISCanadian Ice Service (government agency)
CISCentre International de Séjour (French: International Center for Living; est. 1979)
CISCenter for Industrial Services
CISCanadian Interuniversity Sport
CISCentre for Independent Studies (Australia)
CISCard Information Structure
CISCenter for Internet and Society (Stanford Law School)
CISCentre d'Incendie et de Secours (French: Fire and Rescue Center; various locations)
CISCarcinoma in Situ
CISCluster Ion Spectrometry experiment (Cluster spacecraft)
CISCanadian Industry Statistics
CISCanadian International School
CISCMOS Image Sensor
CISComputational Intelligence Society (IEEE)
CISClinical Information System
CISComputational Intelligence and Security (IEEE conference)
CISCentre for International Studies
CISComparative and International Studies (Switzerland)
CISCurrent Index to Statistics
CISConfederacy of Independent Systems (Star Wars)
CISComposite Information Server (Composite Software Inc.)
CISCitizen Information Service
CISCollective Investment Scheme (Citibank)
CISCorporate Identity System
CISClinically Isolated Syndrome
CISConsular Information Sheets
CISCritical Incident Stress
CISBureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (US Department of Homeland Security)
CISCommunication and Interpersonal Skills
CISCardiovascular Institute of the South
CISCommunity Innovation Survey
CISCatholic Information Service (Knights of Columbus)
CISCenter for Integrated Systems (Washington Community and Technical Colleges)
CISCorporate Information Services
CISConfederation of Independent States (former Soviet Union)
CISChristians in Science (UK)
CISConsumer and Industry Services
CISComponent Integration Services
CISCentre d'Information sur la Surdité (French: Information Center on Deafness)
CISCopper Indium Selenide (compound semiconductor)
CISCopenhagen International School
CISChemical Inventory System
CISCancer Information Specialist
CISCorporate Information Security
CISCustoms Information System (US Customs)
CISConsumer Information Source (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)
CISCentral Information System
CISCommunity Information System
CISCustomer Interaction Software
CISClinical Immunology Society
CISCorporate Information System
CISComputational and Information Sciences
CISChemical Information System
CISComponent Information System
CISCenter for Information Services (Washington Community and Technical Colleges)
CISCommand Information System
CISCommunication Information Systems (SHAPE)
CISCourse Instructor Survey
CISCanada Investment and Savings (government)
CISCommunity Information Service
CISCombat Intelligence System
CISClose Interval Survey (oil and gas industry)
CISChinese International School
CISCerberus' Internet Scanner
CISCommunications & Information Systems
CISCentro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (Center for Exchange and Solidarity)
CISContinuous Injection System
CISCentral Index System
CISCo-operative Insurance Society, Ltd. (UK)
CISCommunauté Israélite de Strasbourg (French: Jewish Community of Strasbourg; Strasbourg, France)
CISCenter for Instructional Support
CISCentre International d'Informations de Sécurité et de Santé au Travail (French: International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre; Switzerland)
CISCountryside Information System
CISCity Information Systems
CISComunita degli Stati Indipendenti (Italian: Commonwealth of Independent States)
CISChartered Institute of Secretaries
CISCops in Schools
CISCompetitive Impact Statement
CISCentre for Intercultural Studies
CISCargill Investor Services
CISCenter for Islam and Science
CISCenter for Insect Science (University of Arizona)
CISCrime Information System
CISCiticorp Investment Services
CISCentral Intelligence Service (Privateer 2 PC game)
CISCASE Integration Services
CISColombo International School (Sri Lanka)
CISCancer Information System
CISCompany Information System
CISContent Intelligence Services (Documentum product)
CISCivil Society Initiative (WHO)
CISCenter for Injury Sciences (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
CISCenter for Ignatian Spirituality (Los Angeles, CA)
CISConstruction Information Sources
CISCarlisle Indian School (Pennsylvania)
CISChemical Injection System
CISCombat Identification System
CISConference of Independent Schools of Ontario
CISCentre Ingénierie et Santé (French: Engineering and Health Center)
CISContinuous Improvement System (total quality management system)
CISCluster Ion Spectrometer
CISComposite Image Systems
CISCriminal Information System
CISCurriculum and Instructional Services
CISCombat Information System
CISComponent Interface Specification
CISComputer Information Service
CISCommercial Industrial Services
CISCorrections Information System
CISComunidad Israelita de Santiago
CISContent Integration Server
CISCommunication Interface System
CISCollection Information System
CISCenter for Ideas and Society
CISCard Information System
CISCatering International and Services
CISConventional Inertial System
CISChina Inspection Services (Beijing, China)
CISCommunites in Schools
CISCertification Information Service
CISCorinthian Internet Services (AU)
CISContracts Information System
CISCalifornians for Inclusive Schools
CISComptroller Information System
CISCore Integration System
CISCabinet d'Investigations de Strasbourg (French: Office of Investigations in Strasbourg; private investigation agency; Strasbourg, France)
CISCertified Investment Specialist
CISCollege Independent Study
CISCommemorative Integrity Statement (Canada)
CISCorrespondence Imaging System
CISCatalogue Item Subscription
CISCombined Influence Sweep
CISCommunities in Schools Academy (Durham, NC)
CISClass Interface Size
CISConductor Insulator Semiconductor
CISContainment Isolation System
CISCastelli International School
CIScommunications interface shelter (US DoD)
CISContinuous and Intermittent Simulation (auditing)
CISCast Iron Sleeve (engine part)
CISCard Information Services
CISContact Image Sensing (scanner technology)
CISCommon Item Support
CISCombat Instruction Set
CISCustomer Interface System
CISCertified Investment Strategist
CISComplex Interactive System
CISCentral Iowa Symphony (Ames, IA)
CISCareer Information Specialist
CISCalcul Intensif et Simulation (French: Intensive Computing and Simulation)
CISContractor's Information Submittal
CISContract Instruction Services
CISCentre for Intergroup Studies (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
CISCentral IFF System
CISCodefusion Internet Services
CISCentral Integration Site
CISCentral Integration Site (NASA)
CISChemical Imaging System
CISCommand Instrument System (aviation)
CISConsolidated Investment Services Inc.
CISChange Impact Summary
CISChair Indicate Stopped
CISClinical Information Study
CISContractor Information Service
CISCanadian Inspection Service
CISCenter for Imaging and Sensing (WPI Metal Processing Institute; Worcester, MA)
CISComponent Identification Sheet
CISCommunity and Industry Services
CISCareer Information Services, Inc (Atlanta, GA)
CISCatalogue Interoperability Subsystem
CISCommercial Imagery Strategy
CISCore Instrumentation Subsystem
cisCosine plus i (imaginary number) sine
CISCustomized Information System
CISCochannel Interference Suppression
CISContel Information Systems Incorporated
CISColliery Information System (UK)
CISCommunication Informatique Service (French: Computer Communication Service)
CISCorrosion Inhibiting Substance
CISConvergent Internet Solutions LLC
CISCommunications Interface Specification
CISCharacteristic Isochromat Spectroscopy
CISCASE Information Services
CISContractor Information Systems
CISComputer Intrusion Section (FBI)
CISCatalytic Investment Strategy
CISCustom Internet Solutions, Inc.
CISCryptographic Interoperability Strategy (US NSA)
CISControl Indicator Set
CISContainer Identification System
CISComputer Intelligence System
CISCouncil on Invasive Species
CISCell Input Switch
CISCritical Information Shortfall
CISCertificate Issuance Software
CISCommunications Information Software, Inc.
CISCreative Intelligent Systems (Workshop)
CISCombat Integration/Identification System
CISCombat Intelligence Squadron
CISCryptologic Interface Station
CISCorriente de Integración Sindical (Spanish: Current Integration Association; trade union; Colombia)
CISCentre d'Informations Scientifiques (French: Center for Scientific Information)
CISCorporate Implementation System
CISCivil Infrastructure System (various organizations)
CISClient Information Sheet
CISCandidate Information Sheet
CISCompetitive Intelligence Solution (aka Competitive Response Solution)
CISChange in Status
CISCustomer Interactive Solutions (various locations)
CISChristians in Sport (UK)
CISCape Instrument Services (South Africa)
CISContinuous Interleaved Sampling (cochlear implants)
CISChartered Institute of Stockbrokers (Nigeria)
CISCompletely Integrated Solution
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Especially in view of the attempts of individual ill-wishers to bury the CIS as a useless rudiment.
Carol is well respected across CIS - both locally and nationally - and has an unwavering commitment to the children CIS serves, and we are confident that she brings the expertise needed to successfully lead CIS of Georgia into the future.
Liz Carnes, president and CEO, Aegis Electronic Group: "CIS has built a solid reputation in Japan, Europe and Asia, and we at Aegis are committed to helping CIS Americas achieve the same high-profile status in North America.
Nancy Fedich, chief executive officer of CIS, is enthusiastic about the alliance as well.
Through Partnership Program CIS expands its reach of the program to segments of the population not traditionally reached by the Information Service (1-800-4CANCER, www.
From organizational culture and management level support to choices of competitive information systems software and long-term maintenance, several major factors have been shown to influence the design and ultimate success of CIS (Hohhof, 1994).
Over the past 20 years, Skakkebaek, now chief of the Department of Growth and Reproduction at University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen, has observed CIS cells in adults as well as young boys.
Of the first 100 privatizations in the CIS, FPI has completed 70--an astounding figure for an extra-governmental organization in a confederation still based largely on command and control.
These CIS security guides are the result of a consensus-based peer review process of subject matter experts, providing perspectives from a diverse set of backgrounds including consulting, software development, audit and compliance, security research, operations, government and legal.
It is expected that the Heads of State will decide on the implementation of the Interstate program on "cultural capital of the CIS", declaring the Russian city of Voronezh and Tajik city of Kulob as CIS cultural capitals in 2015.
chief executive officer of USTA, said, "This new relationship with CIS enables us to accelerate the evolution of our web-based technologies as we continuously adapt to changing client needs and market expectations.
Large-scale reforms sweeping the independent republics of the former Soviet Union pose a challenge to a new generation of politicians and entrepreneurs in the fledgling CIS.