CISARCentral Illinois Small Animal Rescue (Colfax, IL)
CISARChina International Search and Rescue
CISARCatastrophic Incident Search and Rescue (US Coast Guard)
CISARCentro Italiano di Sperimentazione Attivita ed Radiantistiche (Italian amateur radio association)
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3-point baskets: WWS: Emma 2, Miller, Dohse, Struebing 2, Cisar.
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"I think there's a big schism among libertarians that he's fallen short of expectations," Cisar said of Paul.
Previous studies have measured generalization of pretend play across toys (MacDonald, Sacramone, Mansfield, Wiltz, & Aheam, 2009), people (Goldstein & Cisar, 1992), and settings (Colozzi, Ward, & Crotty, 2008).
In the post-socialist context, authors have focused on the role of the political environment to such an extent that they have even under-researched other factors (Fagan, 2004; Carmin and Fagan, 2010; Cisar, 2010).
Professor Martin Redish and Elizabeth Cisar have advocated "pragmatic formalism," by which they mean a variant of formalism that "is a 'street-smart' mode of interpretation, growing out of a recognition of the dangers ...
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Burlington, VT, September 05, 2014 --( John Cisar of Essex, Vermont, officially announces his candidacy for Chittenden County State Senate.
The different rest periods between sets of plyometric drills for the three experimental groups were choose based on previous recommendations (ACSM, 2009; Abt et al., 2011; Read and Cisar, 2001), corresponding to 30 s, 60 s, and 120 s of rest between sets for the G30, G60 and G120 groups, respectively.