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CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CISCCanadian Institute of Steel Construction
CISCCisco Certification
CISCCircuit Switch
CISCCriminal Intelligence Service Canada
CISCClean Intermittent Self-Catheterization (urology)
CISCCommonwealth Information Security Center (Virginia)
CISCCRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)
CISCCenter for Forskning I Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund (Denmark)
CISCCity University of New York Institute for Sustainable Cities (New York, NY)
CISCCentral Instructional Support Center
CISCCriminal Investigation Service Command
CISCConstruction Industry Stabilization Committee (now defunct)
CISCCongress of the International Society of Citriculture
CISCConfiguration Interaction with Size-Consistency
CISCCreative Integrated Solutions Consortium
CISCClare Immigrant Support Centre (Ireland)
CISCComputer & Information Sciences Course (academia)
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Patient(s) of group A were selected for CISC after internal optical uretherotomy (twice a day for one week, then once a day for four weeks and then once weekly for 7 weeks) while patients in group B were left as such after internal optical uretherotomy.
Recurrence of stricture was seen in 13 patients (21.67%) out of 60 in treatment group 1 (OIU with CISC) and in 29 (48.33%) patients out of 60 in control group 2 (OIU without CISC).
The proposed rule would also translate into over 50,000 job losses for the construction industry and the broader economy, according to CISC.
The CISC is the most highly recognized international silver conference in t he world and offers attendees an excellent opportunity to learn more about key aspects of the silver industry as well as the role China plays in the global silver market.
Women with postpartum urinary retention are usually treated with CISC, and the majority of patients will have no long-term impairment of bladder function.
MUS: midurethral sling; SUI: stress urinary incontinence; BMI: body mass index; DO: detrusor overactivity; PVR: post-void residual volume; MUCP: Maximum urethral closure pressure; ICIQ: International Consultation on Incontinence (short form); OAB: overactive bladder; IVS: intravaginal sling; TVT-O: trans-vaginal tape-obturator; UTI: urinary tract infection; CISC: clean intermittent self-catheterization; PVS: pubovaginal sling.
(36) Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, 2010 Report on Organized Crime (Ottawa: CISC, 2010), http://; Lansdowne Technologies Inc., Developing and Applying an Organized Crime Harm Index: A Scoping and Feasibility Study Final Report to Public Safety Canada (Ottawa: Public Safety Canada, 2010).
All patients must learn how to perform clear intermittent self-catheterization (CISC) because there is no reliable way to predict before surgery whether a patient will be able to void spontaneously.
The RX instructions draw on traditional CISC techniques, which include multiple instruction types, variable-length instructions, and multiple addressing modes that allow the instructions to be extremely efficient and operate directly on registers and memory.
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