CISCLClinical Information System, Consultation-Liaison (medical-records database)
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Translation of data sent to the report is performed intrinsically by the CISCL program.
CISCL supports input of questionnaires such as these in multiple languages, and is particularly helpful at guiding the system administrator through creation of new scales for patient testing.
The important emphasis of the CISCL approach is that since the data is linked to a language-independent matrix, it is often extremely easy to directly compare survey data from multiple regions.
The CISCL program can be initiated in a "Developer Mode" where any text item on the GUI can identified and update via the "Language Manager.
The CISCL program can also dynamically change to another supported language via the Language Options menu.
The Survey Wizard is a unique CISCL tool of particular use to regional customization.
Actually, this Wizard, due to its ability to provide flexible modeling and revision of underlying data structures, was used to create the main Psychiatric Consultation data entry form used by CISCL.
For instance, the cities or states can be stored in code groups for use by all portions of CISCL and are predefined.
As the CISCL program has undergone evolution into a multi-language supporting system, there have been major issues in adapting it to support cultural and language diversity.
Initially, all CISCL screens were designed specifically to handle the length of English text.
This was extremely time consuming and made updating the CISCL system difficult since each change to the GUI had to be copied, sent, translated, and re-entered into the system.
Given the above difficulties, two new approaches were tested to provide flexibility to language translation: 1) "Resource Files"--upgradeable language files that could be quickly updated for each screen element, and 2) a custom language database built within each CISCL system.