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CISCOMCentralised Information Service for Complementary Medicine (database)
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At Connect, Burda Ciscom will also present a case study on how Vitria's business process integration platform, BusinessWare, enables real-time enterprise integration in a PeopleSoft environment.
Burda Ciscom selected Vitria as its global standard for integration around its "customer relationship management (CRM)-for-rent" media, mail order and e-commerce solutions that optimize the entire range of customer relationships.
Vitria (Nasdaq:VITR) today announced that Burda Ciscom has selected Vitria as its global standard for integration.
Vitria provides the core communication infrastructure within the Burda Ciscom system environment and guarantees efficient and standardised communication between its CRM, order management, data warehouse and computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions.
This ensures that the Burda Ciscom system environment remains flexible and easy to maintain, which is vital any application service provider (ASP) business.
When faced with the strategic decision on a company-wide integration infrastructure, Burda Ciscom opted for BusinessWare because Vitria offers an innovative and market-proven standard solution," said Alexander Markert, manager, Business Development at Burda Ciscom GmbH in Offenburg.
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